Your Wedding

I love seeing a good love story. Even better when I get to build the soundtrack to one of the biggest, happiest days of your relationship and then throw a dance party with your friends and family. I’ve seen hundreds of couples’ big days, danced with dozens of cousins and grandmothers, got to know their friends and family through no-stakes but pride dance-offs, and led more energetic line dances at the stroke of midnight than I’m willing to admit- but still, people find a way to surprise me with something new on the dance floor every night.

Packages start at 8 hours with ceremony and MC services available. High performance party LED lighting provided with SFX upgrades encouraged!

You get as much consultation time as you need before the big day, be it in-person oR through other channels

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What to expect

Once we’re in touch, our channels of communication are open and we can plan as much or as little of the evening ahead of time as you’d like.

My set up is minimal and low-profile: I’d rather let my work do the talking. From start to finish, you have the say over how interactive my set is, from blending in completely with guests to MC’ing next to the head table. Once the party starts, our coordination ahead of time will set the tone and limits on the playlist. Want guests to be able to make requests? Of course! Absolutely despise Cottoneye Joe and don’t want to hear it even though your distant cousin has been requesting it over and over? No problem. Let’s just redirect that request energy elsewhere to something that’s bound to keep the party going.