Hi, I’m Danica the DJ! After thirteen years of studying classical voice/piano and a lifetime of appreciation for music, building playlists has always been my jam. It all started with home taping the radio, then writing on CDs, and now the jump to digital has made my personal soundtracks bigger than ever. While studying at MacEwan University with stints in Quebec and Oslo between, I picked up DJing on the weekends contracting through an agency and for the last seven years it’s been my livelihood! Alberta born and bred, I now live in Edmonton with my partner Troy, my pug Eileen, and whichever dogs we are sitting that week. During my time off I travel as much as possible, swig tea, knit, and strategize my RPDR Fantasy League.

My hair colour may change a lot, but my playlist motivation is always the same: make good feelings happen. A hugely sentimental music lover, I’m someone who builds playlists to bring back a mood or remind me of a great time I had with people I love.   I’m known for my non-stop high-energy performances, where I’m either out on the floor leading guests in a line dance or letting loose boogieing behind my decks. My goal in preparing playlists for clients and friends is simple: have good times music that will bring up old memories while creating new ones.