Community Events


SUpporting our city

I love the diversity of Edmonton, and my work around town has exposed me to so many groups that add vibrancy and support to our community with the services they provide. With successful events for the Stollery Children’s Hospital, Boyle Street Community Services, Winnifred Stewart Association and others, I have seen first-hand the huge impact that a bit of music and fun can bring to a group who has to work tirelessly to achieve never-ending goals. With Tea Cup Productions, DJ and MC services are provided with the budget of non-profits in mind.

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social groups and rec leagues

For when Barry’s iPod loaded with nothing but 80’s hair metal and Meatloaf just won’t do. Whether you need a simple one-speaker setup or the whole big shebang with additional amplification and interactive hosting, the right music at the right time will control the energy of your whole event. From a 45-minute flow to a weekend of round-robin tournaments, let me set the tone for your good times.

religious and personal celebrations

Your community is what you make it, and you get to invite anyone you want to the party when you’re hosting! Birthday parties and bar mitzvahs, anniversaries and going-away soirées, I love them all. Let me be the one to make the playlist of all the songs you forgot you loved that helps make an event truly memorable.